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If you are interested in opening a Trade Credit, Trade Cash or Self Build Account with us, please download and complete a Credit Account Application Form and return it to the address provided.

 Download PDF Account Application.

Alternatively you can fill out the form below.

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Type of Account Required
Full Trading Name
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Email Address
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Status of Business
Type of Business
Invoice/Statement Address
Monthly Credit Amount Required
Business Premises:
Date Established
Registered Office Address
Date Registered
Reg Number
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If required, will directors sign a personal guarantee?
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Accounts Contact Name
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Full name, Address and Date of Birth of all Directors,
Partners or Owners
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Trade Reference
Email of Trade Reference
Company Name
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I / we agree that all future trade with John W Grant & Son Group Ltd and any companies within its group will be on their trading terms and conditions, a copy of which I / we have received.

In addition to the information provided here we may from time to time make a search of a credit reference agency and we will keep a record of the results of the search together with the information on this form.  We may also make enquiries about Directors and Partners.  This data will be stored by us and used for the purposes of credit control and assessment and for administration purposes within this company.  It will not be disclosed to any third parties unless the company is required to do so by law or to recover a debt in case of non payment.

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